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Jim Geovedi, hacker Indonesia yang terkenal di dunia

Semenjak kasus Wildan, sang pengganti tampilan situs resmi presiden,, merebak, beberapa orang mulai mengaitkannya dengan deretan hacker atau peretas top Indonesia zaman dahulu.

Memang, banyak pihak yang mengatakan bahwa ilmu Wildan masih belum bisa dikatakan pro, namun tidak sedikit pula yang mengatakan bahwa dia sudah tergolong pakar.

Terlepas dari pro atau tidaknya Wildan sebagai seorang hacker, beberapa tahun lalu ada seorang peretas dari Indonesia yang berhasil membuat banyak pihak tercengang. Dia bukan meretas bank atau toko online atau sekadar situs milik presiden saja. Yang dia lakukan adalah langsung meretas satelit.

Hacker satu ini bernama Jim Geovedi ( Keahlian dia dalam dunia peretasan menjadi pembicaraan banyak pihak, bahkan dia juga pernah menjadi pembicara dalam pertemuan hacker internasional.

Memang aksi peretasan satelit ini bukan dilakukan atas dasar iseng atau sejenisnya. Jim melakukan hal tersebut karena pada tahun 2006 (BBC News - 2006) dia pernah menjadi pembicara atas isu keamanan satelit. Dari hal tersebut, Jim mencoba mempelajari sistem dan proses kerja satelit yang akhirnya dia dapat melakukannya. Tidak hanya dapat mengubah arahnya saja, Jim juga mampu menggeser satelit yang dia 'lumpuhkan' tersebut. pernah mengulas bahwa Jim mendapatkan kemampuan hackernya ini tidak karena sekolah tinggi atau mempunyai gelar IT. Dia mempelajari sistem internet dan komputer secara otodidak dan pergaulannya yang luas dengan hacker-hacker dunia.

Setelah aksinya meretas satelit tersebut, pada bulan Januari 2009 silam (The Register - 2009), hasil penelitian atas kelemahan sistem satelit yang dia dapatkan dijadikan acuan salah satu topik pembicaraan dalam Black Hat Security Conference di Washington, D.C.

Uniknya, Jim tidak mau disebut sebagai pakar IT atau ahli. Dia lebih suka dianggap sebagai pengamat atau partisipan aktif saja. Sekarang ini, Jim menetap di London dan mendirikan perusahaan jasa layanan sekuritas teknologi informasi.

Tentunya, apabila pemerintah mau sedikit jeli, banyak ahli komputer dan IT di Indonesia ini yang mempunyai keahlian di atas rata-rata. Apabila mereka diberdayakan, maka teknologi IT di negara ini tidak akan kalah dengan negara lain


Jim Geovedi
born in pain, born stubborn
Random stuff

new Give Me A Key. Simple and strong password generator that your mother loves it and it works well for her.
Botgan. Just a chatbot prototype that does little effort to simulate intelligent behaviour. The bot uses Kaskus' comments as "the source of knowledge" -- the language used is mainly Indonesian slang. This might sounds dumb, but common in the world of politics.
multisub. Simple python code for doing multiple string substitutions (search and replace). I wrote this as part of Begobet code.
Begobet. The purpose of Begobet is to converse with Twitter users on random topic, from Love to Death or from Soccer to Facebook games. Begobet is the first natural language chatbot in Twitter using Indonesian language.
Antiskrembel. A word descrambler in Python. The original purpose was to defeat @skrembelbot game. Word scrambling is a fun game, but unfortunately many Indonesian words contain long characters and sometime confusing to play with. Unlike other word descramblers that use brute force and permutation, I use different approach: comparing the sorted character maps (using Python's built-in adaptive merge sort) and it turned up really fast. I only developed the basic word descrambler program and maybe will add more features later.
Gawkerkrack. My attempt of kracking and analysing exposed Gawker passwords. I was using the supreme password kracker, John the Ripper and tested to against the sanitised hashes file. The test was conducted on a single processor Linux machine with (almost) standard configuration. I didn't even try john on parallel environment.
Indonesian wordlist. Just another wordlist. I quite often get people asking me where to get indonesian wordlist, so I created one. Someone might use this list with password krackers such as John the Ripper or other password recovery utilities.
Generated art. I am a big fan of random(). I like to try some possibilities to generate art entirely through the execution of algorithms coded into computer programs.
Autopirate. A simple python program to autoplay Facebook's Pirates game application and exploit it's logic flaws. Was written for fun. Getting bored after finding out my bot listed in the leaderboard in three days.
Gyonstat. Yes, it's a sign of narcissism. But for sure, it is not a disease nor is it disorder. Googling you own name to see what you, and all of the other "yous", are up to can be so much fun. Don't you think?


I knew the second I had a Wikipedia page about me, I'd be good enough at what I'm doing.
Far from serious interview by treespotter.
Cited on "Security in Embedded Devices" book.
BBC News described me as a guy who "doesn't look like a Bond villain... but possesses secrets that some of them might kill for".
Listed as Indonesia's Internet history maker.

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Male. Thirty-something. Married. INTJ. Mastermind. Natural born procrastinator. Heavy smoker, never trying to quit. Dvorak keyboard user. Old school death-metal/grindcore fan. Lack of sense of humour and eventually sarcastic. Art lover.

I love watching people from a safe distance... and sometime I'd like to insult their intelligence.

I'm not naturally in tune with others feelings, may be insensitive at times. I also may tend to respond to conflict with logic and reason, rather that the desired emotional support. But worry not, I'm a good listener and not threatened by conflict or criticism.

As many of you already know, I'm maintaining two blogs, one about information security and one about music.

BTW, I'm also a prolific electronic music producer and currently signed with Elektrax.
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